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     Salt dough

salt dough

There are many usual kinds of salt dough recipes , but the best is the one which offers you the best feeling . I use two main recipes :

- For standard modelling , mix weight to weight flour and salt , and add about half the weight of water . (100 gr of flour for 100 gr of salt ).

- For a more precise modelling and meticulous details , mix the same volume of flour and of salt ( 1 cup of flour to 1 cup of salt), and add a spoon of wallpaper glue . Add about half a cup of water .

Water quantities depend on the room temperature and moisture , as for making a pastry . That's why I add water slowly .

salt dough

Baking: Baking of salt dough must be made in very sweet oven. I generally adjust my oven at around 100C, not more, and I allow 2 hours of baking per centimeter of dough thickness . I do not either hesitate to turn the figure at middle-baking time.

The figure is totally baked when by tapping it with a metallic knife it emits a clear sound. As long as it makes a dull sound, it is necessary to prolong the baking.

A piece of advice ....

  Salt dough

Basic materials are usually cheap, that's why I always choose high quality ingredients . A very white and "fluid" flour and a very fine salt will contribute a lot to the succes of your modelling and the precision of the details of final result .


  Salt dough

Modelling salt dough figures is usually a great satisfaction but not the sole aim . Most of my attention is to colours and details .

The modelling delicacy goes together with research of finely painted patterns . Usually, some brush strokes are enough to give a lot of character to the figures . It's the same way to choose and to associate colours.

Don't forget to varnish your works to keep them in good condition , without risk of discolouration and to protect them from moisture. After that, varnish once more each year .

Painting on wood

Painting on wood

The origin of patterns I paint come from traditional country painting . I deliberately modify usual colours to warmer , strong and contemporary tints , adapted to the nature of the wood ( white wood or pinwood ).

The main aim is first of all pleasure given by decoration. Sources of inspiration must be varied , and without hesitation I search new patterns in wallpaper ranges or clothes material .


  And You ?

I would be very happy to receive your advice , new ideas and topics suggestions .

Please submite them : send an E-mail to Missala .


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