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Who is Missala?

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Laurence is hidden behind Missala.


My first contact with salt dough was about 10 years ago .

Everything started with "Springerle" moulds , which are small Alsacian anise shortbreads, traditionally prepared for Christmas time .

I thought these patterns were too pretty to eat , and as my daughter wanted to make some salt dough, as at school, we started by mouldings.

Moulds Mouldsmoulds Flowersmouldings Moulded flowers


Moulded heart

  Since that time, my brush stroke and moulding technique have improved , and after having picked-up my inspiration in many books, I'm now able to create figures by myself, from my own imagination .

My first figures were mice, and that's why this website is called "Missalla" , which means "little mouse" in Alsacian dialect (Colmar, France).

Salt dough modelling and wood painting allow me to express and to share a passion . Along with others I lead the salt dough shop of the very dynamic community art centre " LES ARTS" in my village. It's a real opportunity to form freindships, news links, and also to listen to criticism or to collect new ideas to make my future projects better.

In theory, I never reproduce twice the same figure or model, excepted on special request of a friend or a customer when I take part in a regional exhibition .

You are welcome to see my picture galleries ; I hope they will make you want to "lend a hand" into salt dough, and to suggest new topics to me .


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