Modelling step by step


  Le Hamburger  

The model

I will try to explain hereafter the modelling process of a 3 dimensional item as an example of how to manufacture salt dough figures.

The hamburger is a quite easy piece to manufacture, because it's very stable.



Modelling : 1 hour

Baking : 4 hours

Painting : 1 hour 30

Size : 10 cm diameter






  1 sharp knife

1 rolling pin

1x 11cm diameter bowl

1x 8cm diameter cup

1 small flat brush.

1 sheet of aluminium foil.

A 40cl glass to measure ingredients.

-   1   Dough preparation


40 cl soft flour.

40 cl fine salt.

3/4 of a glass of water.

Sesame seeds

Acrylic paint

lots of patience



Mix flour and salt into a mixing bowl, until you have a homogeneous mixture, and then add water slowly until you obtain a soft dough.

You have to obtain a compact dough ball, sweet and soft, no too wet.

Spread the dough with the rolling pin into a layer of 1 cm thick.

-   2   Modelling of the hamburger

Cutting parts


Use the bowl and the cup as gauges to cut out the steaks and the breads for the hamburger. There must be a small difference in diameter between the bowl and the cup, as for the breads and the steaks in the reality. The breads must be bigger than the steaks.

I use the bowl as a guide/gauge to pre-cut the breads with the knife .

First step : do not cut out the top bread, only the bottom and central parts, because it will be built in a different way later.



The steaks and the breads are cut out in a 1 cm thick dough sheet. Steaks are gauged by means of the cup.

Cheese slices are cutted out from a 3 cm thick dough sheet. Use the cup as a guide to obtain all the cheese slices the same size.



The salad leaves sticking out of the hamburger are made by means of very fine dough strips, the outside edges of which will be intentionally irregular. Stack all the parts as follows:

1 bread / cheese slice / salad leaf / steak

1 bread / cheese slice / salad leaf / steak

Crumple the salad leaves and stick them with some water on the slice of cheese.

      Pictures Credit : Paul
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